My inaugural blog!

Where to begin.  Hermes started it off.  We bought a Hermes bag at auction.  There was a classic Birkin 35 there, but quite old so we let someone else get that one! This was the start of my researching and authenticating beautiful designer things.  I had also started a gemology course, so I had the loupe to be able to eye-spy the important details.
Theo got me onto trainers - that was a sideline!  I had no idea about off-white / supreme / BAPE.  I thought he lived his life outside of school on his x-box but apparently not.  He knows quite a lot about that stuff.
Steve went along to the Karl Lagerfeld auction.  We have some fabulous Fendi hardside luggage whose provenance may be Eric Wright (he was KL’s right hand man for a number of years).  We have some amazing books too (Steve loves his books).  Please message me directly if you are a book lover as they are listed for sale elsewhere.
Another sideline was teen stuff.  Rosie chose some lovely Benefit bronzing gift sets, BB eyeliner sets and Brow Zings eyebrow sets (girls and their eyebrows eh).  Not listed on my site, again message me if interested.  Lovely little Christmas pressies.   Yes, only 73 days to go!
Lots of love xxxx